Tottington Public Band.

Band History

The first recorded history of Tottington's village band, is to be found in the minute book of Tottington Methodist Church. This states the band played for their Whitsunday Walking Day Procession of Witness in 1835. The band will probably have been formed some years earlier.

Over the years, the Band's name has changed several times. Tottington Original Band, Tottington Prize Band and Tottington Silver Band, to name but a few. In recent years it has been called "Tottington Public Band". With no other records to verify the exact date the band was formed, 1835 has therefore always been accepted as the year it was formed. As the band has been in continuous existence since this date, we believe that the band is one of the longest continuously existing brass band in the UK and possibly in the world.

Old Toptty band circa 1950The band is based in the village of Tottington, Lancashire, where it has been for nearly 172 years. The band has come through quite a lot in it's many years, including a membership of 3 at one point, but we have now recovered and are going strong with no signs of stopping.

[ Image: -taken circa. 1950 in Whitehead Gardens, Tottington. ]


The band is also truly international, having played in Germany, St Ambroix in the South of France, New York and we have played to a full capacity crowd at the Philadelphia Phillies Baseball Stadium, but we are still close to our roots doing concerts locally, e.g. Hollymount Primary School, and still doing the Whitsuntide Walks and Remembrance Day Parades.Totty 60/70a


[Image: - Either walking day or Remembrance day in Tottington, and looking at the hair, can only be on the 1970's!]


Walking day 1970



[Image: - Almost certainly Remembrance Sunday in Tottington - outside Tottington Methodist Church, again 1970's ]




The band received a £47,520 lottery grant in 1997 for new instruments, uniforms and music, which has helped us a lot over the past few years.

totty band

The band is available for booking - anything from conferences, sporting events to weddings and all ports in between.

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